Forge wedding rings yourself ... wedding ring course

We specialize in the traditional production of wedding rings in the wedding ring course. Here your rings are manufactured seamlessly using a special process. In this way we can guarantee the longevity and problem-free ring size change of your wedding rings. From an ideal point of view, it is also nice to wear a seamless ring from your partner. You are welcome to participate in the wedding ring course on your own rings and get to know the beautiful craft. This is then a very special memory. Under the topic "Contributions“You will find examples as image documentation for our wedding ring courses.

  • Only one pair per course
  • Great symbolism - seamless rings
  • Individuality - your wishes are realized (laser engraving, diamonds, etc.)
  • Experienced workshop, we have been holding wedding ring courses since 2003
  • We ensure the success of your rings
  • Photo documentation
  • Relaxed ambience
  • Parking in front of the door

Is processed:

585 and 750 white / gray / yellow / red / and rose gold, 925 silver, 950 palladium and 950 platinum.

The wedding ring course costs € 140 on a weekday and € 180 for a Saturday appointment for a pair of rings plus material

Do you have any questions about the wedding ring course? Then write us an email info@schmuckgarten.de or visit us for a non-binding consultation here in the jewelry garden. As an alternative to the workshop, we also manufacture the wedding rings according to your wishes. You will receive a cost estimate either in a personal consultation on site or by email.