Wedding ring course

Forge wedding rings yourself

We have specialized in the traditional production of wedding rings in the wedding ring course. Here your rings are seamlessly manufactured in a special process. In this way we can guarantee the longevity and problem-free ring size change of your wedding rings. In addition, from an ideal point of view, it is nice to wear a seamless ring from your partner. You are welcome to participate in the wedding ring course on your own rings and get to know the beautiful craft. This is a very special memory. Under the topic "Contributions” you will find examples as photo documentation for our wedding ring courses. We process many different materials when “forging wedding rings ourselves”: 585 light yellow gold, rich yellow gold, rose gold, red gold, gray gold, white gold, as well as 750 light yellow gold, rich yellow gold, rose gold, red gold, gray gold, white gold, 925 silver and 950 platinum.

  • Only one pair per wedding ring course
  • Cost per couple: 140€ on a weekday and 180€ on Saturdays plus material
  • Great Symbolism - Seamless Wedding Bands
  • Individuality - your wishes will be realized (laser engraving, diamonds, etc.)
  • Experienced workshop, we have been holding wedding ring courses since 2003
  • We ensure the success of your rings
  • Photo documentation
  • Relaxed atmosphere in the goldsmith's workshop
  • Parking in front of the door

Work ideal gold into your wedding rings

Do you have gold (heirlooms such as wedding rings, jewellery, coins or gold bars) which you would like to incorporate into your new wedding rings? We are happy to include the gold in your wedding rings, we would be happy to advise you on this.

There are different ways.

1. You have enough material with which we can completely create the rings (depending on the ring model we need between 50-100g) then we charge a flat rate of 380€ for the course with the creation of the required sheet metal.

2. If the ideal material is not enough to create the rings completely, then we can take material from our warehouse to get the necessary amount for the production. Here you can either buy the leftover material with the rings, or if you don't want it then the leftover material will be sent to the refinery and cleaned so that we can use the material again afterwards. We charge 350€ for the cleaning (cutting) of the material. 

If one of these is of interest to you, then it is best to make an appointment with us where we can look at the material and discuss how the rings should look. We will then be happy to make you a concrete offer for your configuration.


Wedding rings in 585 yellow gold and red gold

A little foretaste of our course...