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... where unique jewelry is created with a lot of love and imagination
It is a companion with whom many people worldwide spend more time of their lives than with anyone or anything else: the wedding ring.
It is all the more important for many bridal couples that they design the wedding rings as unmistakable signs of their love according to their own ideas and even participate in the creation of the rings.
The special symbolism of infinity that is inherent in the ring is emphasized in the wedding rings both by the meaning of the occasion - the official seal of love - as well as by the seamless production as a symbol of longevity.
With great attention to detail
In the Stolberger SCHMUCKGARTEN, bridal couples find the ideal framework for designing and realizing their very own wedding rings under expert guidance. SCHMUCKGARTEN owner Thomas Göbel learned the goldsmith's trade in a renowned Aachen jewelry store. After further professional experience in a well-established company, the native of Stolberg took the first important step into self-employment in 2003, at that time still on a part-time basis.
His concept of designing jewelry - especially wedding rings - under expert guidance in an inspiring atmosphere soon proved to be an unforgettable ritual for many wedding preparations.
“The idea of designing the wedding rings together with the bride and groom and supporting them in forging their happiness existed well before, but like some couples it bothered me that too many people in such courses often draw attention to the single couple and their labors suffered. But also the atmosphere did not correspond to the special features of the event, ”said Thomas Göbel.
He relied on single pair wedding ring courses with holistic wellbeing in the beautiful ambience of his stylishly converted home. This is in the middle of a park-like garden and creates a relaxing setting for the respective bridal couple. Thanks to the expert's full attention, this has the best prerequisites for successful design and professional production of his wedding rings.
Forge your own happiness

... who doesn't dream of it? The wedding ring courses offer a wide variety of possibilities, as Thomas Göbel emphasizes: “With a voucher for the wedding ring course, several customers have combined the marriage proposal in a somewhat unconventional but successful way. Some also bring their grandparents' wedding rings with them so that they can be fused in the new rings for young happiness. "
As a memento of their own personal wedding ring course, each couple also receives a CD with photo documentation. Even after the wedding, contact with the SCHMUCKGARTEN often remains, be it to change the ring size - which is easily possible thanks to the seamless special process - or because the couples were fascinated by the goldsmith's craft and the production of other distinctive pieces of jewelry for the family to plan. In addition, married couples can - for example on the occasion of an upcoming special wedding day - redesign their wedding rings individually with the help of experts.
Whether elegant precious metal work, timeless traditional creations or imaginative diamond jewelery - the SCHMUCKGARTEN in Stolberg-Steinfurt not only offers courses especially for wedding rings, but also comprehensive advice, cost estimates and service as well as a high-quality range of watches and jewelery.

These dreamlike photos are in the jewelry garden by the wedding photographer Christopher Adolf emerged, a very pleasant and highly professional wedding photographer.
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Christopher Adolph Tel. 02232-949891 | Mobile 0177-6883405
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Forge your own happiness

In the "jewelry garden" buying wedding rings becomes an unforgettable event. What Goldschmied Thomas Göbel has in common with his professional colleagues is the highly professional production of sophisticated jewelry. Otherwise, even a visit to his studio and sales house differs enormously from the usual contact points. In his beautifully restored parental home with a park-like garden on the outskirts of Stolberg, he not only housed his workshop and sales rooms, but also offers courses on designing and making wedding rings. Wedding rings from our own hand. His many years of experience made it clear to him that it is a very special symbolic event for bridal couples to create the jewelry together that will accompany them for a lifetime. This is also confirmed by Stephanie Kistemann and Dirk Delinski, who proudly look at their wedding rings that they made together with Thomas Göbel. “It was a real experience to finally be able to hold rings in my hands after the many work steps such as rolling out, bending or polishing, which couldn't be more personal,” says the future couple after seven hours of intensive work. Casual and individual. Just like its course participants, Thomas Göbel treats its customers in a pleasantly informal and individual way: they should primarily have fun and feel good. That is not difficult in the "jewelry garden" and its special atmosphere. The jewelry designer who has a particular weakness for working with high-quality diamond jewelry knows how to give his customers the feeling of being the center of attention. He takes his time and has the right knack for dealing with people. If you want to spend a pleasant weekend as part of your courses and workshops, you can even reserve rooms for overnight stays in the "jewelry garden". “To be creative in connection with nature - completely in harmony, calm and joy”, is the entrepreneur's philosophy. The jewelry garden Thomas Göbel Breitgang 3 52222 Stolberg Telephone 02402/1022420 
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Young craftsmen impress with their first-class quality and unconventional ideas
Smart young entrepreneurs
Thomas Göbel has taken a different route. The 29-year-old runs a goldsmith's workshop and business under the name “Schmuckgarten”. For him, independence also means self-realization, a piece of quality of life. "I financed the entire business facility - the workshop with four workstations and the sales room - without credit," he reports confidently. The workshop is also fully utilized on weekends. For a course fee of 100 euros per person - plus material costs - Göbel makes wedding rings with young couples. Word of his unusual offer gets around. New customers come on the recommendation of existing customers. They appreciate the creativity, ambience and the friendly, communicative owner with a love for detail. Göbel has been running his business for around ten months. He does not have a master craftsman's certificate, because after the amendment of the craft regulations, his craft has also become a non-licensed occupation in Annex B 1. However, in order to prepare for self-employment, he used the extensive information offered by the Chamber of Crafts. Already in the first course: “Independent 1 - Overview for those interested in founding a company” he realized that he was on the right track.


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Forge your luck ... in Stolberg!
As unique as your love - you design in Jewelry garden at Thomas Göbel Your wedding rings in a fascinating design and individually according to your wishes. The 33-year-old goldsmith runs his business in an Art Nouveau villa in the middle of the countryside in Stolberg / Steinfurt. Since then, many of his jewelry creations have been made there and people from all over Germany come to forge their dream wedding rings with him. It is important for him that not only his course participants have fun and feel good - the result should be right! In order to do justice to this, Thomas holds wedding ring courses only with one couple. In between, you can relax and chat with coffee and cake in a cozy atmosphere or, in summer, outside in the garden in a very romantic way on the stone wall. Just drive by the jewelry garden and let yourself be enchanted by the limitless variety of wedding rings. Make an appointment according to your wishes without obligation. For those who do not manage to forge their dream rings themselves, Thomas also has a solution: Let yourself be inspired there and order the rings you want from the comfort of your own home. So if you want to let your creativity run free in nature, in harmony and with a lot of fun, you should not miss this unique experience, information on wedding rings and wedding ring courses at Tel: 02402-1022402 &


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Grow the rings for life as a couple!
A beautifully restored house, a wonderful garden to relax and a goldsmith who loves his craft and offers courses. Courses for people who want to make their own jewelry.
From Anke Kerp:
Thomas Göbel grew up in the house in Stolberg. He completed his training as a goldsmith in Aachen, where he worked and lived. But he doesn't always want to live in the city, he's too deeply rooted in the beautiful old house and garden for that. After extensive restoration work, he set up his goldsmith's workshop on the ground floor of the house. Since then, many of his own jewelry creations have been created here. He also offers courses on how to design your own jewelry and wedding rings. It is important for him that not only his course participants have fun and feel good; the results should be correct and he would like to feel comfortable with it too. So you can relax and chat in between with coffee and homemade cake in the premises or in the garden in the summer in a very romantic way by the stone wall. That's the nice thing, you have time, and if you want to experience a relaxing weekend, you can reserve rooms for the night. Goebel has summarized its philosophy in the name Schmuckgarten. Being creative in connection with nature, in harmony, with peace and fun. This creates a creative space for himself and for his course participants that is outside of everyday life. It is a very special experience for newlyweds to forge the rings together for life as a couple. Stolberg jewelry garden



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The agony of choice
Thomas Göbel shows that even professionals sometimes have the feeling that they cannot choose between all the models. So he sent three examples of wedding rings that were made in his goldsmith's workshop. Here in the goldsmiths, couples can choose between the Thomas Göbel collection or have rings designed according to their own ideas. The specialist also offers wedding ring courses. He processes 750 gold in all shades as well as platinum and silver. Above: He has selected an extraordinary pair of wedding rings from his own brand Caretta 1976. The models are called “The Gun", Based on a drum of a revolver. Middle: The two-tone pair of wedding rings with a matching bezel ring is made" seamlessly "using the traditional method. The rings shown are forged from 750 gray and yellow gold. The special thing about this is that customers accompanied the work in the wedding ring course, explains Göbel. Due to the seamless production and the separate ring size, a ring size change is possible at any time. Below: The classic pair of wedding rings is shown in a new alloy with 600 platinum. The material is hard and durable. The low alloy creates an interesting price-performance ratio, explains the goldsmith. The rings here are five millimeters wide and 2.2 millimeters thick. The ladies' ring is offered with a brilliant cut diamond with 0.12ct TW / VS.

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The rings for life
In wedding hall 10 at the Euregio economic show there are ideas for every kind of party. Motto: all in white with a bouquet of flowers. The off-road course with a seesaw and a five-meter bridge is waiting in front, by our employee Wolfgang Schumacher Aachen. Celebrating parties as they come - is a virtue that is now really "in". But if you don't make spontaneity the ultimate, but want to organize dignified events such as your own wedding celebration with chic and know-how, you can get ideas for life in Hall 10 of the Euregio show. In the so-called wedding hall, specialists are available for fun and joy, for taste and good food, for general service and special services of all kinds. How big is the guest list, you ask at the catering stands in the hall immediately. Because the number of people on offer generally depends on the number of people on offer, at least with the ingenious offers from caterer Raymond Lauber from Würselen. Crazy things from Las Vegas outfits to “Oskar” (looks like the real thing) can be purchased for all kinds of celebrations. The outfitter “Music-Express” from Kerkrade, for example, has various twists and turns in US American tastes, Hollywood and Las Vegas are the best sellers. Opposite is the provider “Special Events” from Würselen. There, too, Sabrina Veitlbauer assures the German provider: Everything is possible, everything can be ordered. The relationship for life needs, of course, the visible expression of the deep inner bond between man and woman: The wedding rings the Stolberg goldsmith Thomas Göbel has to offer a convincing service: with him you can learn to forge wedding rings yourself or your loved ones - a feat for a lifetime. The Stolberg goldsmith Thomas Göbel has instructions for marriage: with him you can forge the wedding rings yourself.



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Thomas: jewelry garden
Thomas is a goldsmith and has always wanted to do more than just make rings tighter and wider. When his buddy asked him if he could help him forge friendship rings, he hit upon the idea of offering jewelry courses. After expanding his workshop in his parents' house, he gave his first courses. To give customers the opportunity to stay overnight, he built guest rooms in the attic. Now Thomas has quit his permanent position and lets people in on the secrets of making rings in weekend courses ...


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Thomas Göbel and be Jewelry garden
Wedding rings are a matter of course when a couple decides to get married. The rings should be beautiful, exclusive or simple as desired, and the material naturally plays a major role in the selection. At Thomas Göbel you can buy wedding rings as well as pieces of jewelery of all kinds, classically and modernly processed. The creations acquired are always something special, as many satisfied customers now know. But Thomas Göbel has even more to offer, something extraordinary in fact. He offers courses on designing your own jewelry and wedding rings. In his rooms or in the garden in summer, couples can individually design the desired pieces of jewelry under expert guidance. It is the entrepreneur's philosophy that his course participants enjoy working with the precious metals and that the results are satisfied. Rings for life - made by yourself - don't they have a special value? Telephone contact 02402/1022402 Schmuck-Garten Stolberg


Stolberger Nachrichten Friday November 19, 2004

Stolberger Nachrichten - jewelry garden

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Friday November 19, 2004

Enough space for creativity

Goldsmith Thomas Göbel also produces fine jewelry according to customer requirements.

Jewelry design and production is very important at Göbel.

Goldsmith Thomas Göbel works in the family home. The house, presumably a former director's villa that was acquired by the Göbel family in the mid-1960s, is located on Breitgang Street, and the park-like garden gave the young company its name. "Jewelry garden"Is the name of the company located in the Steinfurt industrial park. The 28-year-old Stolberger, who recently took the step into self-employment, can look back on many years of professional experience. Thomas Göbel gained experience in the Stolberg goldsmith Nolte and in the Aachen companies Uttermann and Bischoff. The accomplished goldsmith owns 80 square meters on the ground floor of the 190 year old house. The rooms, which are divided into the workshop, presentation room and office, are bright and friendly and offer enough space for creativity. Thomas Göbel manufactures rings, chains, bangles, pendants and cufflinks according to customer requirements. The basic material is gold and platinum, which is combined with ebony, precious stones and diamonds. The production of fine, classic pieces of jewelry is part of the Göbel program. From the design to the finished diamond ring, everything is handmade and in-house production. All pieces are unique, designed and manufactured with artistic talent. Of course, the repair and reworking of older pieces of jewelery are also included. Thomas Göbel also offers jewelry courses. In his studio, prospective married couples can design their own personal wedding ring and make it themselves. But the courses are not only open to married couples. The offer also applies to other interested parties who want to make individual pieces of jewelry. Artistic and manual skills are desirable, but not a prerequisite. During the courses, the basic skills in sawing, bending and soldering, which are a prerequisite for the production of fine jewelry, are taught.