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In the jewelry garden, we manufacture your rings with great attention to detail and always attach great importance to the durability of your wedding rings. For example, 585 & 750 gray gold, yellow gold, red gold, rose gold, white gold, as well as 925 silver, 950 platinum and 950 palladium are processed. All wedding rings are made in our own atelier. We can react very quickly if necessary and, if required, produce most of the ring models within 1-2 days. Have you already discovered a suitable wedding ring model with us or have your own ideas for designing the rings? We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your desired rings.


Would you like to receive a quote? No problem! Just send us an email with your requirements info@schmuckgarten.de or fill out our cost estimate form.


If you do not yet know exactly what your rings look like or if you just have a few questions, we can also make an appointment for a consultation and see how your wedding rings are designed.


A special feature of our workshop is that we have been involved in the gold recycling cycle for a long time and only process gold that comes from this cycle.






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Pimp My Wedding ring

The existing wedding rings are incorporated into new, modern wedding rings. We have expanded the existing narrow rings and incorporated them into the new wedding rings. So you have your own ring in the old shape integrated into the new one.

Incorporate existing wedding rings

  In retrospect, customers asked for a somewhat stronger wedding ring. Here we have preserved the existing narrow ones in their shape and incorporated them into the new wedding rings. Thus the symbolic meaning of the rings is preserved and the desire for ...

Wedding ring course wax technique

Here we modeled two wave rings in wax and then cast them using the lost wax technique.

Wedding ring course in yellow gold

Forge your own wedding rings in the jewelry garden! You can follow the development of the wedding rings in the picture gallery. The rings are made seamlessly here in the wedding ring course. This technique (seamless and cold-formed) makes the rings particularly hard-wearing later ...